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I lost my father and my closest brother in separate private plane crashes. So it was natural for me to empathize with the families of the pilots and crews on the planes that went down on September 11, and for those who lost loved ones in the Columbia disaster.
Click to view larger image.I know people who choose to fly in the sky are a very special group. They truly love what they do. This piece is dedicated to them. I simply named it Wings. The natural manzanita tree branch is covered with bits of light ... beads and crystals of all colors and sizes. Flight crews love meeting all the different people they come in contact with each day. They love uniqueness. At the end of some Click to view larger image.of rows of beads are tiny faces. On the back of the faces are the first names and flight numbers of the pilots and crews I am honoring. It is not a sad tree ... it is a tree full of sparkles. A young fairy sits on the side of a nest in the branches. She holds a paper airplane in one hand ready to toss it in the air. The names of United, American, Columbia are written on the plane.

The tree is 23 inches tall by 11 inches wide. The base is 6 inches square and covered with glass mosaic. The one-of-a-kind polymer fairy is 5 inches tall and is perched on the side of a nest.